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Being one of those games that's defined the entire battle royale genre, Fortnite offers you a unique blend of an old-school survival action and innovative building options that make the classic gameplay twice as deep – and ten times more fun. Unlike most of its competitors, Fortnite has managed to stay fresh and entertaining for a couple of years already, and there's definitely much more to come. Let's find out what's the secret behind that enormous success.

Simple Concept

We've seen Fortnite on pretty much every popular gaming platform, and now it's available even for Android so that you can play it literally everywhere. And the mobile version is almost as comfortable to play as the console versions – thanks to the simplicity of its key concept. Fortnite doesn't try too hard to create strategic premises for matches: you and 99 other players just get thrown into a huge sandbox, and then you're completely free to look around, gather gear, and build all you can think of. The only serious limiting factor is the iconic shrinking mechanism that makes you get closer and closer to your enemies, making things even more dynamic.

Of course, that versatility comes at a price. Fortnite's simple concept is accompanied by a simple visual style that's not too demanding for your hardware. It allows the game to have almost no lags even on week mobile devices – but some players may find it too schematic. The controls are not that comfortable: of course, you can always plug in a PS4 controller, but if you don't have one, prepare to miss a little too often. However, the building system is almost unaffected by that problem, so you can set a goal to develop your strategic abilities.

Complex Gameplay

Anyway, what makes Fortnite so outstanding is its ability to create immensely deep gameplay out of those seemingly simple elements. There are lots of building options that can be used freely to create all kinds of structures – and these creations can really affect your chance of winning. And the ever-shrinking map makes you think and move fast, allowing every match to have a healthy pace that prevents the gameplay from getting boring – even despite Fortnite having only one map and a limited variety of available gear.

Moreover, the developers make sure there's a steady influx of new content – every week brings something to check out, and the season's system is implemented to give you a huge change in the gameplay every couple of months. This way, there's always something to strive for, new items or entire classes to try, and new locations to visit. And you can team up with your friends, no matter what platform they're playing Fortnite on.


  • Simple rules, easy to learn
  • Deep gameplay, hard to master
  • Frequent updates and additions.


  • Rather uncomfortable controls
  • Only a single map available.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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