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The entire Grand Theft Auto franchise has long become an action games genre on its own, and GTA V seems to take its best mechanics much further than ever before, adding a variety of unique gameplay features. With a huge and immensely detailed open world and a really immersive story that features three different characters, GTA V remains an ultimately impressive experience – even more than five years after its original release.

Good Old GTA

However innovative and revolutionary GTA V may be, its main gameplay concept is entirely traditional. You get thrown into the city of Los Santos, a huge open-world map with all kinds of locations, including downtown, densely populated outskirts, and countryside with lots of small settlements. Unlike the previous chapters, this time, you can freely explore the world, looking for additional content and secondary missions. And that’s what really makes Los Santos feel alive – there are small encounters everywhere, and something is interesting behind every corner. Moreover, many missions have moral choices that make your actions matter.

As always, the main story is divided into separate missions accompanied by cutscenes and dialogues. We have seen this many times before, but this time the sheer quality of those fragments is so impressive, it makes GTA V look like an interactive movie. However, there are three playable characters now, and each of them has his special ability, favorite vehicle, and missions. You can switch between them at any moment, and there’re hundreds of available customization options for them, including story-related tattoos, clothes, and so on. This way, you can really relate to your favorite character, making the gameplay even more immersive.

Other Options

GTA V features an advanced graphics engine that allows Los Santos to be extremely detailed and realistic on just about every PC. The game offers you a variety of visual configurations that can be adjusted for maximum graphics quality without hurting the performance. You can adjust shadows and textures quality, car traffic and population density, and many other variables. Other options also include dual and triple monitor support – and plug-and-play controller support, as well.

However, the most interesting additional option of GTA V is its multiplayer mode. Grand Theft Auto Online supports up to 30 players and a variety of special modes. The only problem is that it takes too long to get onto the server – sometimes you have to wait ten minutes or so before you can start playing. But otherwise, it’s an interesting mode that’s fun to play with your friends.


  • Great gameplay mechanics
  • Huge and detailed open world
  • Astonishing graphics and sound
  • Popular multiplayer mode.&nbsp


  • Takes too long to connect
  • Only one city availabl.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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