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Hello Neighbor is stealth game in which you play as a nosy kid trying to get into his creepy Neighbor’s house, and the ultimate goal of each attempt is to find some way into the basement. The house gets more complicated in each of the three acts, so prepare to solve more and more difficult puzzles while hiding from the Neighbor who will be looking for you everywhere.

Smart Horror

The overall gameplay concept is rather simple: your goal is to find a way into your creepy Neighbor’s house, and you are pretty much free to choose your own strategy. You can sneak through the back door – or just smash a front window and rush in. However, the Neighbor will be looking for you around the house, so be quiet and make sure you’re prepared to run and hide. Fortunately, there are many places you can use to hide: the house has all kinds of furniture, so just hop into a wardrobe or crawl under a table where the Neighbor won’t be able to get you.

Once again, you are free to play as you wish – but be wary that the game remembers your actions, and every time you attempt to sneak into the Neighbor’s basement, the house will look slightly different. If you prefer to get in through a particular window, expect a bear trap there. And if you always use the same escape path, the Neighbor will wait for you there the next time. This seemingly simple addition makes the game more exciting, adding an element of surprise and forcing you to review your strategy often, inventing new ways to get what you want, and always staying alert.

Detail and Comfort

Not only the game adapts to make every attempt unique and suspenseful, but also it evolves, making the house bigger and more complicated in each of the three acts. While that definitely makes the game more interesting as you progress since there are more places for you to explore, the learning curve becomes practically inversed. That means it’s very difficult to hide from the Neighbor when the house is small – but in the third act, there’s so much room that your chances to encounter traps or the Neighbor himself actually decrease, making Hello Neighbor easier with time.

However, the house remains detailed and visually appealing, so it’s still interesting to explore it. The graphics of this game are pretty nice, and the overall visual style reminds of indie adventure games. Despite being quite good-looking, Hello Neighbor is not too demanding for your hardware quality, and you can play it on pretty much every modern Android phone. The controls are also pretty good: at least, they don’t get in your way when you need to act quickly. 


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Suspenseful atmospherel
  • Distinctive visual style
  • Comfortable controls.


  • Inversed learning curve
  • More about stealth than horror
  • Lots of minor bugs and glitches.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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