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One of the most influential video games of our time, Minecraft, offers unlimited possibilities in randomly generated worlds made of simple blocks. Explore, survive, and invent – alone or with friends, everywhere you go. This version of the game works on just about every Android device, and it has full cross-platform support, which means your friends can join you even if they’re playing Minecraft on their PC or Xbox.

Complete Freedom

Probably the most prominent and well-known feature of Minecraft is its sandbox gameplay mechanics. Worlds you explore are made of identical cubes with different properties, and there is a rather advanced physics engine that may not be too realistic yet still allows the environment to behave in interesting and often surprising ways. For example, sand blocks without a solid base tend to pour down, and that can be potentially used to create a trap – and water blocks can be stored with a bucket and then placed anywhere in the game.

This concept allows you to experiment freely, inventing endless ways to combine materials and creating new, exciting structures and mechanisms. And the introduction of the material named redstone has made it possible to construct even more complex things that involve triggers, including operating calculators and even primitive computers. Minecraft manages to combine impressive functionality with simple gameplay mechanics, so it’s no wonder it has become so popular and influential over the last decade.

Various Content

However, the simplicity of basic rules and mechanics doesn’t mean the game is limited to just a bunch of key features once and for all. New content gets added regularly, and that includes not just cosmetic additions like texture packs or skins. Moreover, you can customize Minecraft yourself, creating personalized resource packs and other content. Despite being around for years, the game doesn’t seem to stagnate, always offering you at least something new to play with.

Most of the time, sandbox games are not too impressive visually, and Minecraft doesn’t really seem to be an exception here: while its visual style has already become iconic, the overall graphics are mediocre at best. But the gameplay seems to be so engaging that you stop seeing crude blocks after a while and start looking at them as creative possibilities. And what’s especially great about such a simple visual style is that it runs smoothly on just about every mobile device you can find. But multiplayer mode requires rather good WiFi connection – or you’re going to suffer bad lags.


  • Endless creative possibilities
  • Vast and random sandbox worlds
  • New content gets added frequently
  • Cross-platform multiplayer options.


  • Sort of mediocre graphics
  • Occasional bugs and glitches.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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