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Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game that’s based on social interactions and exploring rather than just fighting elements and jump scares. Team up with other players and sneak into your creepy Neighbor’s house to rescue your missing friend – but be cautious, one of your team members is the Neighbor himself in disguise, and he will surely try to stop your party from succeeding.

Social Aspect

Secret Neighbor is set in the Hello Neighbor universe, but this time it’s more about social interacting: you join a party of five other kids and try to find a way into your creepy Neighbor’s basement where your little friend is being kept. Each of those kids belongs to a certain class, possessing a unique set of abilities and powers that can help you fight the Neighbor directly or just explore his house more effectively. However, one of the party members gets to be the Neighbor in disguise, and his goal is to make sure the rescuing mission fails.

This seemingly simple feature makes Secret Neighbor surprisingly deep, adding an entire social dimension to what may sound like traditional horror gameplay. Now, in addition to exploring the house and looking for a key to the basement door or a piece of valuable gear, you have to figure out who can be the Neighbor and how can he possibly lure you into a trap. That means that a microphone is recommended to play the game – almost every features the game has demands that you interact with your party members all the time, coordinating your next step and trying to expose the real Neighbor.

Tools Variety

However, the strong emphasis on social interaction doesn’t mean the gameplay itself isn’t worth mentioning. The exploring aspect may be a little mundane, but the constant threat and random house layouts make sure it doesn’t get too monotonous. And the abilities system is just great: while the kids can use things like flashlights or cameras to look out for possible traps and disorient the Neighbor, the latter boasts a variety of weapons and mechanisms that can drive the intruders away.

Each of the classes has its own ways of assisting the party: for example, Brave is a paladin-like class that can increase your movement speed, and Detective can look for keys more effectively. While this system is still far from being perfect, it provides an interesting and unpredictable experience every time you enter the Neighbor’s house. So the game doesn’t seem to get repetitive even after a dozen consecutive matches, and that’s great for any multiplayer game.


  • Deep and engaging gameplay
  • The nice visual style and atmosphere
  • Unique social interaction aspect
  • Lots of abilities and items to use.


  • It least some microphone is a must
  • Still some glitches and minor bugs.
Graphics and Sound
Lasting Appeal

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